MEGA Pancake Challenge!

Can you eat 8 MEGA Pancakes in 1 hour?

Come and take the challenge to find out!


•You have 60 minutes to eat 8 MEGA Pancakes, and cannot leave the table.
•May add butter and syrup or any other toppings.
•May have any drink we offer during the challenge.

To win, you must eat all pancakes on the plate in allotted time. If finished in time, the pancakes are free! Winners receive the EXCLUSIVE "I Conquered the Ol' South Mega Pancake Challenge" T-Shirt and get their photo finish memorialized on our wall! If unable to finish in time, it'll cost ya for the pancakes!*

See the videos below to watch some of our previous challengers! 

Interested? Call us or fill out the form below to schedule your Mega Pancake Challenge now!

*Price is $39.99 if challenge is not completed in time (as of January 2024, and subject to change.) Ask your server for the current price.

Fort Worth (817) 336-0311
Burleson (817) 989-9090